Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gossip Girl Fashion: The Sixteen Year Old Virgin

More looks from Monday night's episode.
First, who called the ho patrol? Vanessa looks as if she walked into the New York Historical Society from her other job, working the streets. I thought they had security at theses society functions to keep out the riff raff. Her hair looks especially mammoth like and how on earth can a college student from Brooklyn afford a DVF dress, Oscar De La Renta Clutch, and YSL Crystal Necklace? I think the show should get more realistic and dress her in Forever 21 or some disaster from JC Penneys, which is probably all they have in the boroughs.

I'm loving Serena's Stella McCartney Fall 2009 Paneled Dress. It's nice to see her in something that doesen't show her boobs exploding from her chest for once, although they did look quite thunderous earlier in the episode. What is Serena doing if she is not in school, just lounging around the Waldorf penthouse? sounds like the life for me. Here's a similar panel dress, but it kind of looks like something up Vanessa's alley. Oh, and her clutch.

I actually loved Lilly's Look. A Dries Van Noten Detroit Dress and Judith Leiber Chain Strap Bag she looked quite elegant for someone slumming it with Rufus Humphrey. But what is wrong with her mother that only the "good doctor Van Der Woodsen" can cure? Can't millionaires like the Van Der Woodsen-Basses afford any sort of health care they want? I really hope this Lilly, Rufus, Ex-husband triangle turns out to be the results of CeCe's machinations.

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