Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gossip Girl Fashion: The Sixteen Year Old Virgin

Blair was looking great lastnight in this Christian Dior Pre Fall 2009 dress. Blair had some great lines, I loved her explanation to Chuck that "We have innocence, good breeding, and Doug Jarrett, one of the best lawyers in New York, on our side. It's a slam dunk." and her little segue while dressing with Serena in some sort of victorian boudoir "Oh, and speaking of things we've shared. Nate!" As for little J's story line, I'm at a loss for words. She clearly has some chemical unbalance (what is in Rufus's waffles?) and her teenage angst phase is getting annoying (how many times must she act out? first last year's shit show at Eleanor Waldorf's, then the mess known as Agnes. we get jenny you crave attention) anyways this Nicole Miller alternative in cute (but no dior) and Forever 21 has some great accessory options for a necklace and bracelet.

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