Thursday, March 18, 2010

Always ALT

The ever fabulous André Leon Talley made his debut on America's Next Top Model (Tyra Bank's latest exercise in self vanity) and proved to be the shows only redeeming quality. Amongst a sea of mediocre talent, trashy amateurs, and the TYRAnnosaurus Banks herself, ALT stood out and was perhaps my only reason for watching. I loved is harsh criticism "Unspeakable, Trainwreck" and I loved his intermittent french describing his salon, and his need for étonner. I really think he deserves his own television platform, perhaps a Life with André reality series? However I do wonder what miss Anna thinks of his slumming it on the CW. Here is a great compilation of his best moments plus, another great video of the great ALT.

more ALT goodness

vidoes: NYMag, youtube

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