Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gossip Girl Fashion: The Disaster that is Little J

I don't know what to say except at least she got rid of the raccoon eyes. It looks as if little J has gained weight too, I guess soon she will be Big J. Her whole plot-line is getting increasingly outrageous, first what kind of Tylenol PM pills is she selling? unless it's orange and extended release i don't want it, and i doubt the kids of Constance do either. Also what kind of drug dealer allows for some pre-teen's parent to flush their stash? I can't wait for her to get back to brooklyn and out of my life. anyways you can find these bejeweled catastrophes @ Arden B and Forever 21.  These Cheap Monday Jeans are actually amazing (I own a pair), so i guess i should give little J some credit.

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