Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back To Basics

I'm always reading lists of the items some big named fashionista can't live without. So here are my 10 basic items that I could not live with out. Whenever I can't decide on what to wear it's always great to start fresh with a look thats simple and chic. What are your basics?
1. A White Button Down Shirt- great for any situation. A men's shirt is the best goes great with everything from jeans to tights and really easy to accessorize.
2. A pair of Slim Jeans-- be cautious, cigarette thin skinny jeans can be a bit much at times, but a nice pair of slim cut jeans that aren't painted on are perfect and go great with anything. I love rolling the cuffs to expose the right amount of ankle.
3. Grey Cashmere V-neck Sweater-- Perfect to throw on when you get a sudden chill, a light 2-ply sweater with a plunging v-neck is great for chilly evening or breezy spring afternoons. I personally like grey since it goes with everything.
4. Plain V-neck Tee-- Any Tee shirt would do, but I just adore a soft white v-neck. you can accessorize your neckline, show off your collar bones. The american apparel tri blend is one of the best, it is really soft and gets the most perfect wear-holes. 
5.Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag-- A great statement bag that is not too loud but is eye catching to those in the know. The medium size fits everything you need when you are on the go. simply the best.
6.Black Tights- Perfect for chilly days, they accent your legs and look great with everything from an oversize tee, an oversized oxford, to a simple dress.
7. Nude Nail Polish-- It's always my ideal to have my hands well done, and short nails freshly polished. A nude color with top coat adds a touch of gloss to otherwise dreary nails. I think dirty hands with dirt under the nails is so unsightly, not to mention it looks like you've been working on the chain gang all day. I mean how hard is it to find a nail file?
8. simple flats-- a pair of simple ballet flats are perfect for day or night, especially when you don't have time to double back home to change for early evening cocktails.
9. Watch--something with a thin band to accent slim wrist is a perfect accessory. I'd stick to leather or steel bands.
10. For Soirées-- I dream of a YSL smoking jacket, but a cropped blazer is more realistic. Nothing with gold buttons or shoulder pads though. Something form fitting in black or navy with 3/4 sleeves would be best.

so please share yours!

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